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Monday, November 15, 2010
title:{Yukata shoot with Kelly arrow tan, jennifer and tinging}


Reason for not updating my blog?


Just simple lazy!


Anyway took this series of yukata shoot quite sometimes ago.

Model of the day:


Ting ting, Kelly arrow tan, Jennifer and Aki


Got the photographer made our photos like a CD-Cover, which is ultra nice Red heart


The Yukata are imported from japan, those pieces were the exact same yukata that the Popteen models wore for the magazine!

So the yukatas are really super super pretty and kawaii Open-mouthed smile



Thanks guys for the lovely photos! Really love those photos.

Right after the shoot I did an interview with NYP-TV, helped some of my secondary school friends for their FYP.



They are studying mass-com so their FYP is to make a programme for NYP-TV, so they interviewed me as a talent student in NYP Winking smile

My talent is to organize photoshoots and modelling, haha! (Didn know these also can consider as talent!)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sorry for lack of updates, been really busy last week.

working 6 days in a week, and sometimes 2-3jobs in a day. same as this week Sad smile

but on a brighter side, $_$!

want to earn a lot of money during this holiday, so that i can no need so hard-working when school starts.



Did a online lifestyle forum(8flo) shoot with rebeeca a few weeks ago.

I get a sponsored nail do, shown in above photo.

I didn get a pleasant exp over the place, but their design are nice. The patterns you see are hand drawn  by the artists over there.


halloween country girl and dorothy

Totally in love with this maxi dress!


halloween devil and lolita

The contrast

We shoot this at a condo, as one of the 8flo stuff lives there.

When we walked out the condo for shoot with this outfit, one ang moh kid saw us and said to his friend “SIAO!”

The editor told us only if he is 10yrs older he will say OH THATS OUT!



This weekend is HALLOWEN! Many of my friends going st james! Excited! Open-mouthed smile

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
title:{Outing with my baby kiki}


Dear and I were very guilty of not bringing our little daughter out to play for sooo long … and we keep postponing and postponing ..

So there must be a STOP!

Furthermore, that naughty girl kept pestering us to bring her out to play. And so we did, at Bedok Reservoir.

Sometimes, I really do enjoy a nice warm evening at somewhere near with just the 3 of us.

Sitting over the bench and overlooking the vast reflections of temesek poly in the waters and enjoying the golden sunset.

When kiki is happy, so will her Daddy and Mummy. It Rhymes!

Dear bought his dslr along to take some shots of me and baby kiki Open-mouthed smile


Kiki is so cute!


Love my legs in this shot!


My top, belt and heels in the above photo all bought from taobao!

and most importantly is super cheap! both of them cost less than S$50.

You can find all the stuffs you wan from taobao, and their stuffs like super nice only!

Taobao got sells all the stuffs that featured on popteen, vivi and many other popular overseas magazines. How great!

feel like buy more things from taobao now, but I alr spent so much previously don’t feel waste money again.




When we come back home, Dear complained that he didn get a chance to shoot with kiki.

So I use his dslr to help him and kiki take some photos,

It turns out very nice, look like those taiwan street style of photos Open-mouthed smile




Didnt know the backgroud outside my house is so nice!


Anyway cant wait for my birthday batam trip with Bf!

And I have decided to have a birthday BBQ on 11.11.2010.(nice number right?)

Dear and I still deciding which BBQ wholesale we shld buy,

oh yeah, we want to hire TWO BBQ COOK that day to help us bbq the food, 4-5hours for $50.

E-mail jusaki@live.com if you keen.

Photographers, Models, School friends and Dear’s friends so plus together should be more than 60ppl.

Will come out the list and contacting them very soon Open-mouthed smile

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
title:{Singtel Grid Girls}


There is something funny happened to this photo.

Person A: WOW, The lollipop so big can cover half of your face

Me: No! It’s my face too small lah! HAHAHA

Person A:  =.-lll




Okie, finally I am going to blog about F1, Singtel Grid Girls.




On July I went to Singtel Grid Girl Casting together with 300 over girls,

Yeap! I got in as Top 55 Grid Girls Open-mouthed smile 

Thanks my Dear to help me prepare my speech and I also did put in effort to search some pageant Q&A online also.

I didn get in Top 12 partly because we were asked to wear jeans! People knows me will know i not a jeans person, and I will never ever wear jeans unless I am told to do so.

So i wore the super out- of - fashion jeans that I bought when I was in Primary 6! FML

It roughly look like this!



=.- seriously I am the only one wore this kind of jeans, whereas rest are ALL skinny jeans!

Anyway I didn prepare anything for my Top 12 casting as I was very turn off by the fact that I have to wear jeans, so I actually quite nervous inside the interview room.



Our Grid Girl training starts on early Sept whereas the top 12 use the whole of aug to do their stuff.

Training was held at SIMEI ITE, lucky its near my house Winking smile save cab fare, haha!

I think the ITE student was damn happy to see many many girls walk pass at one go. HAHAHA



These are what we do during our 3 days of hardcore training under the sun!

Basically just learn how to hold the board and walk the formation.

All the days during training i will wear a jacket and black stocking to prevent myself from getting darker.



On the day of F1 we are required to wear white top and shorts, and report at 915am sharp

I went to dragonfly until 6am and slept at 630am! i so freaking scared that I will be late because our pay will be deducted so i didn remove my make up and slept all the way to 830am and cab there.

I was the 3rd girl arrived whereas the girl on the right was the 2nd girl.

I was pretty amazed with the brand of my eye shadow(KATE) you can still see the pink colour when I didn bother to touch up for more than 12hours!



Collecting our passes, didn bother to take a photo of my pass because its UGLY!





This was our Hipo-Convertable transport for 2 days! Your hair would be super messy!



Didn do much on that day, Its just training, training and more trainings!

Our real job starts on the 3rd day, because it’s the real race!


We report at the same place, same time for the same bus in the morning, but no photos because we are not allowed to make up!

So….. you shld understand why Winking smile



Morning training



Lunch !



Make Up



Style Hair



Sherine, Emily & Aki


Most of the photos was taken from Sherine’s blog, she is such a pretty babe!




I wasnt satisfied with my make up, i feel that i can do a better job.

I even see a girl touch up her make up for 20mins in from the mirror after she has done with her make up with the MUA




Then we changed to our uniform and continued our training.

They gave me shoe size38 though i have told them many times my size is 35, it made me really suffer later on!



Touch up our make up and off we go!


My first job was for a supporting race, we have to hold a super heavy and tall metal board for freaking long time!

That is Valarie Yeo btw,

That metal board was so heaving that hard to hold that my hand almost stroke!

I am not kidding!


After which, all of 55 Grid Girls will assemble at the track for the Retro Car thingy


I saw quite a few handsome racers! I like Sebastian the most! Young, Handsome and Smart guy. Wohoooo

I did some research on Fernando Alonso for my Grid Girl casting, so i was quite excited to see him as well!!!


Then finally came to the final race!


Our Grid Girl top 3 lead us march out the grid, and one ang moh will show us where to go.

We had practiced this thing for almost a hundred times, so nothing went wrong.


All the Grid Girls have stood on their assigned positions.

Can you recognize me? I am the one holding Italy flag on the left!

We have to wait until the security car pass by,

the staffs brought out the machines and the race cars,

the media and many other people came by and take photos,

start to do dunno what thing to the car, until they are almost finish!

We have stood there for 40mins! I was so angry that why no one told me we have to stand for such a long time, so that at least I would have some mental preparation.

My arm muscles are super pain! Do you still remember I said that my shoe is 3 size bigger than my actual size? Now you know how pain my feets are Sad smile






F1 prize

Last not the least was prize giving!


Congrats to all the top 3 drivers Open-mouthed smile


ps: I spent freaking long time to make this post! because I have to go to other people fb, blog and all over the internet for photos. and why?! that you have to ask my beloved dear!

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